So Ellen Page came out

I don’t like to talk politics or controversial topics.  As a matter of fact, I quite like to remain ignorant to a lot of things considered either political or controversial.  There’s some part of me that feels it’s all so petty, God is so much bigger.  I am a Christian, we are usually conservative by nature.  But over the past few years, I really feel like the Lord has educated my heart on homosexuality.  And I know many of my Christian peers would probably strongly disagree with what I’m about to type, and to those of you who disagree – please don’t talk to me about it.  I’m not confrontational, and I don’t feel like I need to defend my opinions.
I’ve had an increasingly hard time believing that homosexuality is as “sinful” as the church has been making it out to be.  I don’t feel like I am less of Christian for believing that and I don’t feel like I’ve conformed my views to fit the world.  I feel like the Bible says a lot of things.  And I feel like a lot of those things don’t necessarily hold true in today’s world.  See below for President Bartlet’s argument.

Now, whether that makes us all a bunch of terrible, terrible sinners who are going to hell or people who only moderately sin because we’ve all conformed the Bible to fit our world so we’re still going to Heaven – I don’t know, I’m not God.  But I do know we all still sin.  And on the basis that certain Biblical things don’t seem to apply in the world today, I think your sexual preference really doesn’t matter anymore.
Because I can’t contribute to the belief that homosexuality is a choice and makes Coy Mathis’ story controversial.
Because I can’t contribute the belief that boys should play with soldiers or balls and bullied Michael Morones into attempting suicide.
Because I can’t contribute to the belief that turns fear into hate and fuels crimes like the murder of Matthew Shepard.
Because Ellen Page is right.


“There are pervasive stereotypes about masculinity and femininity that define how we’re all supposed to act, dress and speak.  And they serve no one.  Anyone who defies these so-called norms becomes worthy of comment and scrutiny,” she says.
Minutes later in that speech, Ellen announces she’s gay.  The room stands and applauds, and my heart breaks.  It will never take courage for me to announce my heterosexuality, because there’s no judgement against it.  I’m “right” for being straight.  My life will never be drastically altered because my sexual preference.  I will never know the struggle of coming out.
I hope one day we live in a world where this issue is a thing of the past.  Where the LGBQT community doesn’t hide in a world clouded by guilt, fear, rejection, or judgement.  Where my brothers and sisters in Christ seek to understand rather than condemn.
Yeah.  That is the world I want to live in.

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