Our first IUI

To pick up where we left off, I had just started taking clomiphene citrate.  All went well during those five days.  The only side effect I had was slight cramping in the evening.

This past Thursday, I went in for an ultrasound.  It showed I had one small-ish, maturing follicle on my right side, but a pretty good sized, mature follicle on my left side.  Oh, and my uterine lining was on point.  So we scheduled our IUI for Saturday morning at 11am.

On Thursday night, at 11pm, I gave myself a shot in the stomach.  If you should know anything about me, it’s that I love TLC (the music group, not the TV station).  If you should know anything else about me, it’s that I don’t handle medical stuff well.  Once, I passed out in a parking lot after a routine blood draw.  And another time, my husband had a hand injury and I had to lay down on the floor to not pass out as he and my mom bandaged him up in the bathroom.  The fact I gave myself a shot in the stomach felt like a pretty major feat.  The shot was Ovidrel, which essentially tells your body to ovulate 36 hours later.

On Saturday morning, Ian went in to give his sperm sample.  I know there are specific numbers associated with the results, and I forget what they were – but they seemed pretty good.  Then about two hours later, I had the IUI.

In the process of getting prepared, I asked about our blood test results because we hadn’t heard anything.  First, we found out that I’m not immune to rubella.  I fall into the equivocal category.  I had to sign a waiver that said I understand the risks associated with potentially catching rubella while pregnant.  The risks are big, but I’m hopeful that if I haven’t had rubella in 31 years, I won’t get it in the next 9 months potentially.  If this IUI doesn’t work, I’ll get the MMR vaccine again on my next period.

Next, we also found out about our antisperm antibodies (AsAb).  Ian was totally fine.  I was at 38.8 U/mL which feels like a big deal.  The sheet said anything less than 60 was fine.  But asking our doctor about it is another thing on my list if this IUI doesn’t work.

I have yet to find out about my Anti-Mullerian Hormone results because somehow the test wasn’t ordered or the blood wasn’t submitted or something went awry.  They took a bit more blood from me after the IUI to get those results.

All in all, the IUI experience was a-okay.  It was quick and painless, which is how I like most of my medical procedures to be.  I felt incredibly hopeful about this IUI, but the whole AsAb thing has damped my hope a bit. Which is probably for the best as the likelihood of an IUI resulting in a pregnancy is about 10 – 20% in my case.

And now you’re all caught up.  Next up, we wait.

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