Our first IUI failed

I didn’t even get to make it to the point when I could have taken a pregnancy test.  My period came 11 days after the insemination.  You should wait at least 14 days before taking a test.

I tried to guard myself, truly.  I tried to stifle my hopes.  But they were sky high and didn’t want to listen to my rational side.  The day before I got my period, I PMSed hard.  I found myself sobbing on the couch when my husband was at his basketball game.  I can’t even tell you what started the pity party.  But I sure can tell you what kept it going.  I knew my emotions were a product of my PMS, and I knew that my PMS was a product of the impending start of a new cycle.  And that moment, every month, is always the most devastating.  It’s the vicious cycle I mentioned in my first post about infertility.

The second day of my cycle (in case you’re wondering, cycle day 1 is the first day of a woman’s period), I went to the Walgreens clinic and received another MMR vaccine to take care of that “not immune to Rubella” issue.  Let me tell you, babies and kids have every right to cry after that vaccination.  Compared to the flu shot I also received, the MMR one hurt like a bitch.

As we’re trying to explore our options, Ian and I went to an introductory informational session about Bethany Christian Services.  Let’s start by saying the average wait time is about 2 years, and they are working with 25-35 families at any one time with, at most, 5 birth mothers with an adoption plan.  Also, do you know how expensive it is to adopt an infant domestically?  Well, it’s expensive – $26,000 to be exact.  I know infant adoption isn’t cheap, but I still experienced a bit of sticker shock.

Now, let me explain that I think that our child would be worth every single penny of that $26k, but Ian and I talked about adoption as an alternative to IVF (if it gets to that point).  NFC has a flat rate fee schedule for IVF, which is $9050.  It doesn’t include medications, which can easily be an additional $3000 – but I’m still leaning toward IVF.

The one really positive thing that came out of that session was being introduced to the idea of embryo donation and adoption.  If you can’t tell, I like to think 5 steps ahead.  If we get to a place where embryo adoption becomes a serious contender, I’ll be sure to write more about it.

The silver lining to not being pregnant and having to take a month off from trying (on account of the MMR vaccine) is that I can drink.  This is really only a good thing because I have a work talent show I impulsively signed up to perform in. And I’m definitely going to need a slight solid buzz to go through with it.

We’ll start trying again in mid-October, so until then…

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