My name is Colleen, and my husband is Ian.  We’re the Lincolns.


I’ve kept a blog on and off for years.  I blogged when I was in Uganda and India.  I blogged when I was in high school (which has been archived – much to the dismay of absolutely no one).  I blogged when I had a MySpace.

I’ve had this blog since before we were married (in 2012) and originally thought of it as a way to show people how we were planning a wedding on a budget.  But I wasn’t very diligent in updating it, so Love, the Lincolns just sat idly and waited for its time to shine.

That time came as we started talking about and trying to conceive a child.  We’ve been trying to conceive since the start of 2015 with no success.  After a year and a half of trying naturally, we started to seek out medical help for our infertility.  After four unsuccessful IUIs, we had a lot of talk about how to proceed.  We were most hopeful about foster care, and now we’re beginning to pursue that route.

So here I am, blogging about infertility and foster care.  We are expectant that what has started out as heartache will be transformed into overwhelming joy.

If you have any questions, ask!  I’m an open book and have been so encouraged by the online community that openly talks about infertility.  You can reach out at colleen@lovethelincolns.com.